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Toimitusaika: 10-14 Päivää
Tilattavissa päävarastolta  
Toimitusaika: 10-14 Päivää
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3SDM 0.01 Erikoisvanteet




3SDM, handmade in Great Britain

3SDM wheels are a treat. 3SDM is founded by few wheel enthusiasts and it specializes in just few models and make sure those few stand out in the best way: the quality and the looks of 3SDM wheels is something you won't come accross every day. 

3SDM wheels are manufactured in quite small batches and sometimes you'll have to just put your name on a waiting list and hope for the best. 

In our webstore we've listed all the models that are available right away and for those who have bit more time in their hands, we also have an option to make a reservation for some upcoming models. (If you deside to reserve something, we'll get back to you as soon as we know more about the delivery times and you'll get to verify your order then. Online orders are not binding in these cases.)

These wheels are specially designed European cars, such as VAG / BMW / Mercedes Benz, measures in mind.

Price is per wheel. Make sure you order the right amount.


More about 3SDM and their wheels from: --> 3SDM.co.uk





Renkaat valmiiksi vanteillesi asennettuna? 

Meiltä mm. Aeolus ja Hankook renkaat valmiiksi asennettuna+tasapainoitettuna vanteillesi - vain kovaa ajoa vailla.

Klikkaa allaolevasta kuvasta:

--> Futurez.Fi, Aeolus ja Hankook rengassarjat

Tires Aeolus Hankook

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