PLX SM-AFR Wideband DM-6 gauge Gen4 combo

Accurate and affordable PLX DM-6 / SM-AFR combo package for professional engine tuning and AFR mixture control.


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Since 2003, engines have been tuned accurately with PLX wideband lambda worldwide to run cleaner, operate more efficiently, and produce more power.

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Wideband oxygen sensor controller with intelligent health monitoring technology and latest Bosch LSU4.9 sensor. Tuning internal combustion engine is a demanding task, where accurate control of air/fuel mixture is the fundamental over them all. The number of engines a lean mixture has destroyed, is beyond what your pocket calculator is able to handle.

PLX wideband works with gasoline, diesel, methanol, ethanol, LPG, Diesel and E85 – display will calibrate to used fuel automatically according to your choices through the settings menu. Devices 0-5V analog output can be used conveniently for 3rd party ECU’s and data logger, and advanced soft start technology prolongs the oxygen sensor’s life in hard use.

Be ahead of the unpleasant surprises such as intake leaks or fuel pump / injector problems, and tune for optimal fuel efficiency and power output.


PLX is fully plug and play. Installation requires no manual calibration – simply install your sensor, connect the wire harness, and apply power. There you go!

Where from?

PLX Devices is a US company based at the Silicone Valley, California.

Ready for another level?

Extend your PLX experience with SM-PRO Combined sensor array and measure various temperature and pressure values with professional accuracy.




Technical specs:

  • Including narrowband signal (0-1V)
  • Automatic calibration
  • Compatible with all common fuel types
  • DM-6 52mm screens installation depth only 18mm
  • Bosch sensor power consumption only 7.5W
  • Fast and accurate reaction
  • Quick warm-up time
  • Check the sensor health through display
  • Convenient and quick touch-screen control



Physical Dimensions: Standard 2 1/16 x 0.7″ (52 X 18 mm)
Display Technology: 1.10″ OLED Screen (124 x 36 pixels) LED (16 Green, Yellow, Red)
Viewing Angle: 180 Degrees
Polarization: None
Supply Voltage: 3.3V and 8V from Sensor Module
Power Consumption: < 1 Watt
Cable Length: 6′ Power, 6″ Serial
Operating Temp: 0 – 85 Degrees Celsius
Human Interface: 3 Button Capacitive Touch
Number of Sensors: 16 Maximum Daisy Chain
Supported Units: US Standard, Metric


Physical Dimensions: 2 x 2.875 x 1.125″ (52 x 75 x 28mm) L x W x H
Technology: PLX Critical Response Technology, Fast Response PID
Accuracy: < 0.1AFR (Gasoline) Wideband, < 0.2AFR (Gasoline) Narrowband
Measurement Range: 10-20 AFR (Gasoline), 0.68 – 1.36 lambda (Gasoline), 0 – 100 O2 Sensor Health, 0 – 1000 mS Reaction Time, 9 – 20 Volts
Analog Outputs: Wideband Linear 0-5V, Narrowband 0-1V (Driving Current 20mA)
Operating Voltage: 9V-20V
Power Consumption: 20 Watts (Max), 13 Watts (Typical)
Power Supply Technology: High Efficiency Switching with Soft Start Technology
Operating Temperature: 0 – 85 Deg Celsius
Sensor: One Bosch LSU 4.9
Enclosure: Automotive Grade Plastic