Clutchmasters BMW E90 M3 4.0L V8 DCT flywheel

Strong and dampened aluminium flywheel for BMW DCT transmissions, this product fits E9x series M3 with 4.0L V8 engine.

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Factory order, 7-21 days
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Clutchmasters dampened DCT flywheel for E9x M3 series with 4.0L V8 engine. Kudos to the innovative engineers behind the 7-speed transmission with 50-millisecond gear shifts. When BMW introduced their dual-clutch transmission (DCT), enthusiasts were initially resistant to abandoning the H-pattern gearbox (thankfully, BMW often offered a manual transmission option). However, as more drivers experienced the DCT, opinions evolved.

An identified flaw in the factory BMW DCT setup is the excessively heavy dual-mass flywheel. While the absence of a clutch keeps overall rotating mass minimal, we observed room for enhancement. Recognizing the need to mitigate harsh vibrations from the engine to the transmission, we developed a sprung hub setup. This setup employs proven dampened clutch disc technology integrated into a hub that attaches to the flywheel. The lightweight sprung flywheel enables faster shifts and revs while offering optimal dampening during high RPM shifts and stop-and-go street driving.

This dampened hub forms the foundation of our DCT flywheel builds, extensively tested on both streets and tracks—whether behind factory-powered cars or extensively modified engines, feedback has been consistently positive. The DCT community has quickly recognized that our sprung hub setup ensures a smooth and reliable driving experience.

Kit Includes:

  • Hard Anodized 6061 Billet Aluminum Flywheel
  • Heavy Duty Sprung Hub Carrier
  • Crank Bolts

Examples of compatible vehicles:

BMW E90 M3 4.0L V8
BMW E92 M3 4.0L V8
BMW E93 M3 4.0L V8




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