BC Racing alusta, BMW 1-series (F20/F21) 2WD (3-bolt front top) (2011-2019)

BC Racing adjustable coil-over suspension with wide selection of adjustments for even the most demanding driver. Read more about different types of coils available for your car.

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BC Racing adjustable coil-overs

Bmw 1 SARJA (F20/F21) 2WD (3-pulttinen etuyläpää)
Most of us who have any petrol in our veins, already know the brand BC Racing.
BC suspensions are known to have surprisingly comprehensive adjustments for the price. With over a decade of experience BC Racing has become one of the largest suppliers of off-the-shelf and bespoke suspension systems – not just for car enthusiasts but professionals as well.

Suspension fully capable for track days or competition, without sacrificing the comfort – adjust the height and dampers as you see fit.

BC coil-overs are made of blackchromed steel, anodized aluminum parts and powdercoated, strong steel mounts. Make no mistake, BC dampers are not “one for all” but instead shimmed and designed for each application. Kits see a thorough quality control and testing procedure before the dampers are matched and packed for delivery. All this results in a balanced result without exceptions.

Types of coilovers
BC coils are available in various types, from the popular BR (Street) series all the way to 3-way competition dampers with external reservoirs. Kits can also be made fully customized, ask us for advice.

How to install BC Racing suspension
BC coils are easily fitted as DIY with basic tools. For local customers in Southern Finland, don’t hesitate to contact our ECU Helsinki customs shop for a quote including installation.

Setting up BC Coilovers

  • Height is adjusted by changing the overall damper height, not from the spring mount.
  • Spring pre-tension can be adjusted separately for optimal results
  • Damping with 30-step adjustment, 1, 2 or 3-way function depending on model series
  • Some of the kits with camber adjustment (Or optional caster adjustment)


Top mount
Depending on the type of kit, BC comes with solid rubber mounts, camber adjustable pillowball mounts or some of the kits use OEM top mounts.

Spring rates
Spring rates are listed as: Diameter / Length / Rate (kg)
In case you feel need to differ from the default springs, let us know in order notes or ask us for advice.

Please pay attention to your local terms and regulations. BC coils are fully certified for quality, but due to the structure these don’t come with E or TUV certificates what some of the European countries might demand.

BC Suspension kits come with 2 year guarantee.

DIfferent kind of BC Racing suspension kits

BC Racing BR suspension
BR is the most popular choice, safe choice for daily driving and occasional track driving.
Height adjustment, spring pre-tension and 30-step 1way damper adjustment. See the slightly stiffer BR TRACK sets for selected vehicles, and EXTREME DROP variants for extra low ride height.

BC Racing DS
DS for driver who demands a bit more.
Diggressive piston handles low-speed damping more accurately, limiting sway and offering a better overall performance.

BC Racing ER
ER as in External Reservoir.
Another level of performance for your dampers with external reservoir models. With 2way damper adjustment you’ll find theexact sweet spot for your needs.

BC Racing HM
HM comes with up-side-down front dampers (in selected models rear dampers too).
Less unsprung weight, more accuracy. HM series only available for vehicles with McPherson type suspension.

BC Racing ZR
ZR the BC Racing Flagship, typically used in pure competition use.
ZR is basically the ER, with 3way adjustment. For vehicles with McPherson suspension, ZR is delivered with up-side-down dampers to minimize the unsprung weight.




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