BMW N54, Motiv ReFlex+ advanced PI controller, integration module

Versatile controller for your BMW N54 engine, professional system for tuner use. Control your port injection, wastegate, methanol injection or nitrous with CAN integration.

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The MOTIV ReFlex+ controller is one of the most advanced control systems to operate devices such as port injection, wmi, fuel pumps and more. What makes Reflex Plus shine, is it’s exceptional capability to integrate with cars CANbus therefore operating perfectly together with your vehicles ECU, offering it also additional data channels and functions while doing so. This kit is designed for BMW N54 engine, see also other variants from our selection.

Port Injection controller
First of all, RFX+ can function as a standalone port fuel injector controller for up to eight-cylinder engines or as an advanced I/O integration module to control additional components through optional CANbus integration. Users can select batch, semi-batch, or sequential fire modes for optimal injector operation.

The ReFlex+ is a versatile controller that can be configured for various applications. As a standalone port fuel injector controller, it can be used on engines with up to eight cylinders. The controller is fully customizable to suit any vehicle through programmable cam, crank, and map sensor inputs in the tuning software. Pre-configured universal and vehicle-specific maps are also available for convenience (see download files below).

Programmable outputs
ReFlex+ also features configurable outputs that can output on/off, digital, analog, frequency (25hz), and/or PWM signals to control performance modifications, e.g.

  • Water Methanol Injection Kits
  • Boost Control Solenoids
  • Nitrous Kits
  • Fuel Pumps
  • Relay Triggers
  • BMW N54 Flex Fuel Signal

Programmable inputs and CAN integration
Incorporating additional data into the control strategies of the ReFlex+ is possible through its multiple inputs, which can integrate with the factory ECU through CANbus integration. An input is dedicated to an ethanol content sensor for monitoring and flex fuel mapping, while the other inputs can monitor or process additional information from external sensors or engine ECU outputs.

With this function you can for instance bring new channels all the way to your good old MHD Flash application and datalogs with ease.

Typical extra channels:

  • Fuel Pressure
  • Exhaust Gas Back Pressure
  • Oil Pressure
  • Other fluid Pressure
  • Crankcase Pressure

This device brings a professional level of control, function, and versatility to tuning any high output race vehicle by providing the most accurate and precise supplementary sequential fuel injection with the ability to control other advanced features all in one place. Use multiple digital and analog signals for safety, data logging, or adaptive tuning features. It has the unique ability to operate both as a standalone and in parallel with the DME/ECU, depending on your setup!

PDF files available for download

-> Motiv Motorsport, Reflex Plus installation instructions
-> Reflex Plus inputs, wiring diagram
-> Reflex Plus outputs, wiring diagram
-> Reflex Plus BMW N54 Flexfuel integration

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-> Reflex+ base maps and files for BMW engine (Online folder)
-> Firmware files, loader and instructions for update (Online folder)

Example video, Motiv integrated to MHD datalog




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